About the Press

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The Tight Squeek Press is a letterpress print shop and hand bookbindery serving as a production studio for its proprietor, Jon Hinkel.

Started by Jon in 1967, the press has been an artistic and literary venture, concentrating on the creation and production of unique and original works. Such works have included cards, prints and books by Jon as well as visiting writers and artists. Shop projects have commonly involved limited edition printing from hand-carved blocks and engravings, combined with texts arranged and printed from hand-set type impressed into hand-made paper.

Through the years, the shop's printing has remained exclusively letterpress, as this means of production is yet unsurpassed in its directness, in its loyalty to hand-carved images, and the qualities such presswork imparts to the page. The shop's bookbinding has followed in lively step, similarly embracing traditional methods and time-proven materials. We of The Tight Squeek Press are proud to offer limited edition original prints, cards and publications, all of which are created right here!

In addition to our in-house projects, we often accept contract work. For incoming projects, we may incorporate contemporary reproduction methods for images provided to us, and provide digital typesetting services when needed. In addition, we offer edition binding for preprinted texts, and apply careful repair to old and damaged books.

And, as an annual addition to our retail and service offerings, we run introductory letterpress and bookbinding classes here at the shop. Our classes are completely hands-on in their orientations, and are designed to provide our students with strong foundations through direct experience using tools, equipment and materials of the traditional letterpress and bookbinding trades.

Service Offerings

The Tight Squeek Press is a limited-run production shop, with its efforts directed toward the quality of the products produced and their timely completions. We of the press enjoy working closely with customers with regard to their needs and preferences, and best insure customer satisfaction by producing all of our work in-house.

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Project Design

We are pleased to assist our customers in their project development. The Tight Squeek Press holds a substantial working selection of lead and brass types, which may be supplemented with a variety of digital type faces. For graphic material, we commonly generate original art; we may also be able to adapt art provided to us on a case-specific basis. For paper, customers may choose from a wide variety of commercial stocks and handmade papers. We are proud of our shop's ability to imprint on the more unique but challenging papers that most other shops cannot.


Our bookbinding services include edition binding for new publications supplied to us as unfinished text-blocks, and repair of individual books that show the weight of years. Binding repairs may be in hard-cover or soft; in paper, cloth or leather; and may include foil-stamped imprints.

Letterpress Printing

All of our printing is done on letterpress equipment. Customer projects commonly include special announcements, individualized letterheads & envelopes and innovative cards. We are pleased to take on the more challenging projects, commonly involving the use of torn-edged and deckle-edged hand-made papers, unusual die cut patterns, and complicated folding, glueing and embossing enhancements.